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Blog 64: How to get what you want & want what you have right now - part 2

Use all of you - internally and externally to get what you want

Use your internal imagination to consider and plan out what you want and internally to send out external vibrations to achieve what you want and how you’re going to get it. If you imagine positive things will happen to you and come to you, you’ll receive positive vibrations back to you, so you’ll inhabit achievement and happiness into your life. You can then externally communicate to others who you need to be on your journey with you to achieve what you want and possibly need in your life. Your internal attributes are: your free will, memories, analytic thinking, self-awareness, pride in yourself, your emotions and your conscience. The main external attribute that you need here is your ability to communicate – through speech, writing and to show love to others who’ll support your need to be loved and appreciated. Do something to help you get what you want here in your present, so your now time - that is a gift to your future self.

When things are not working out – what to do

If things aren’t going your way in life, such as you didn’t get a job you wanted, or a partner you wanted, or you couldn’t afford possessions you thought you wanted – maybe you didn’t really have the right thoughts, so inner feelings about it / them. So, without even knowing it you were sending out negative vibrations, so you got back negative vibrations back into your life – this means bad things happen to you and you don’t get what in your heart of hearts you really want.

If after weighing up all of the outcomes and you’ve spoken to your friends about it and it all seems right for you, do your best to send out positive vibrations about it, this comes by thinking you’ll get what you want when you want it, because positive vibrations will come back to you – so you’ll get what you want or need in your life, that should make you and others in your life be / feel happy – so it will be a win win!

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