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Blog 3: The best way to use and embody each part of your life

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

To be able to make the most of your life and cherish every moment you're in it, you have to be in the present time - every moment in all of your days. Yes, easier said than done, when one has a lot of things going on in one’s life. From small things to get done on one’s to do list, to bigger things such as: Where to live and who with? Should one settle down with another who has asked them to? Should one make a career change? Or go on a diet? Even down to choosing a name for your child or your pet.

You’ve probably heard it before that meditation is good for your mind to take a break from all the busyness and clutter that gets pushed into our minds in the modern day 21st century way we live.

Chatterbox here struggled to meditate at first, because my good old brain wouldn’t shut the hell up, but I stuck with it and now I make myself meditate for 30 minutes every morning, before my brain gets swamped with the chitter chatter of others and from the marketed to way of life these days, we seem to be unable to avoid things being marketed to us and not get sucked into them.

If you put yourself in a calm, uncluttered space, so you don’t have cleaning up and to do list things to do that would distract you. Sit in the comfiest position you can find, close your eyes and breath as slowly as you can, only focusing on and listening to your breath. Try not to think about anything from your past or anyone else’s past, nor the future for you and other people, just really be doing what you’re doing, meditating on your own if possible, in your comfortable space while you're in your healthy body, with your clear quiet mind – giving your brain a well deserved break. Turn your phone off if you can, so a call or text doesn’t distract you.

Once your meditation is over, when you’ve been in each of the seconds of your present moments for however long you chose to be - try to keep this only focusing on one thing at a time way each day - you’re living wisely if you do this.

This goes from observing things more closely, listening properly to whoever is communicating to you, rather than just waiting for your chance to speak. Truly absorb most things you have in your life, in each of your present moments.

Because at the end of the day, each second we take in each of our present moments is all we can be sure we truly have. Do your best to really embody each of the present moments of your life. Try to live the way you live - which should be healthily with the feelings of the contentment happiness you’ve felt while you are meditating, so you’re being set up well for your present day by being the new improved, happier you. GO YOU!!!

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