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Blog: 25 Losing things sucks! How to rebuild your life things you’ve lost no matter how big or small

Losing things sucks!

How to rebuild in your life stuff you’ve lost no matter how big or small it might seem to others.

Do you keep losing items that mean something to you in your life? Such as possessions or lists about things you need to get on with and complete. That your to do list tells you to have do and when it needs to be done by.

To keep on track with your life’s journey, you have to get it or them recreated again, so you can get rid of that brief feeling (hopefully brief feeling) of loss.

That feeling of loss may be because you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money on those lost things.

If you stop and think about it as calmly as you can, yes you had to start with your things: such as a 'to do list' or an outfit you think really worked - for you to look good, or you started saving for something. You’d done the beginning of your lost thing – you had the idea for it, the middle of it - you'd started creating it by thinking and planning how to make it work out and happen. You were possibly nearly at the end of it – so you'd nearly completion of it.

Now you‘ve lost whatever it is, you have to start the process again.

Here's a calm step by step guide about how to recreate what you've lost.

Because you already know what you want to achieve: how you want to look and how you want or need to spend your time to achieve your goal.

You should be able to skip the beginning part of 'coming up with a plan' – so you can go straight to the middle part of your plan, the getting things done part – this will save you time, because you’re not having to start with no idea of what you want to achieve and how you want to feel.

Skipping the beginning out and going straight to the middle 'getting things done by creating it' will save you a lot of time, once you’ve started it again, you’ll get close to the end.

Once completed, you'll have the feeling of loss gone - phew! You might think what you’ve recreated is better now than the lost item was. You’ll feel at ease with yourself, you’ll have a feeling of contentment and achievement.

Probably not to others will this seem like a big deal, but to yourself it will, because you really have defied the odds by achieving what you've achieved - no matter how big or small it is.

Don’t worry if it seems like it was not an important small thing when you tell others about it. If it was a big deal to you and you’ve overcome your feeling of loss, feel very proud of yourself. Feel happy with yourself because you can and you should be proud of yourself. Therefore - happy feelings should be welcomed and enjoyed by you so much - you won't let yourself feel stressed out about possibly losing items again, because you have enough self-belief to rebuild whatever it is that you truly need in your life.

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