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Blog: 206 Here’s what the Universe is saying to you….

If you want and / or need miracles to happen in your life – the Universe is saying to you….

“Show me your new vibrations, then I will show you miracles”.

I hear you say, how does a person have new more positive vibrations?

Here’s a bit about what the vibrations I’m talking about are. You’ll get how to have them as part of your inner self if you read all this blog ….

…. High vibrational people are individuals who have learned to vibrate on a higher frequency through their actions and lifestyle. This means they are very empathetic people. They feel positive emotions like joy and gratitude often. They are living mind fully – All of these things are signs you’re a high vibrational person.

Living mind fully means; you focus your awareness on the present moment. You calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

To get good and happy vibes flowing in and out of you – let yourself have positive vibrations felt in your body that create a good mood and warm feeling. These higher vibrations affect those around you, they lift yours and everyone around you; mood and warm feelings (warm without getting a sweat on). If you have good vibrations - wowzers! You’ll be a very popular person because people will feel relaxed, content and happy when they are around you. They’ll be healthily buzzing off your happy vibes AKA positive vibrations.Positive vibrations are high frequency thinking patterns, while negative emotions are low frequency thinking patterns, attitudes, and emotions.

Negative emotions never give you a good feeling in your mind or body hey!

The techniques to raise your good vibrations are:

·      Appreciate the little things. You can do this by creating a gratitude and achievements list once a week.

·      Music – Now, who doesn’t love to have a bit of a groove and to shake one’s thing to their favourite song(s) / tune(s)?

·      Nourish – Eat healthily and don’t drink much alcohol. Hangovers give you negative vibes. This is never a good feeling, is it?

·      Meditate. There are guides in books and / or on the internet on how to meditate. Doing it will clear your mind and calm your life.

·      Human connection. Be kind to randoms you meet while you’re out and about. Plus, hang out with your mates who make you giggle.

·      Give back – I find donating to charities makes me feel happy. Helping others out, makes me feel like I’m being a good human being.

·      Self-love – If you don’t love yourself and love the way you act in your day-to-day life – how can you expect others to love you?

The universe will be there for you if you cultivate positive thoughts. Each thought carries energy. Which can either lift or lower your overall vibration. Shifting towards positive thinking is one of the most effective ways to elevate your vibrations.

To send good vibrations to the Universe….

…. you need to observe what you currently have and are currently receiving in your life at the mo.  AKA your ‘reality’. You respond to what you observe with a feeling: positive or negative. What you feel gives off the vibration to the Universe. To give the Universe good vibrational energy, do these everyday: deep breathing, mediate and yoga. Yep, you might feel like a bit of a hippy doing these things – but hippies usually are happy good vibes kind of people. Well, most of them that I’ve met are lovely people to spend time with.

Go for it – give out good vibrations to the Universe and watch your life improve. The Universe will send good vibrations back to you. The world will be a better, happier place for all of us, if we all do our best to have good vibes and to do as the Universe wants and needs us to do.








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