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Blog 2: How to make you feel good for being you

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Blog no.2

I don’t know about you, but I randomly have days when I’m not particularly chuffed about being me. This tends to be when I’m not happy with the way my life is in: ‘my present moment’ - so I think and feel not chuffed about being me.

So, when I feel all doom and gloom about my life, I remind myself that if I want to see changes in my life, I have to feel and look as good as possible, to help with my confidence levels – oh how we’ve all been marketed to - that only rich, healthy attractive looking people are having a good time in their life. If we believe this, which many of us do, we’ve been sucked into the 21st century mindset of what makes one a life achiever is by being one who has most things and is happy because of that fact - we must all strive for this way of living. I don’t want to be sucked into that marketed life way of feeling, so here’s my way out….

I find, if I don’t turn on the TV or buy women’s beauty mags or men’s mags, that try to show men the kind of women they should be mentally and physically attracted to, I feel more able to be who I am, look the way I feel comfortable with and act in ways that are: safe, happy and allow free and happy vibes for everyone to flow out of me to others.

To get to the point where you can feel this way, do try switching off your TV and stop modern day magazine reading - with the time you’ve gained: write on a piece of paper all the things you’ve achieved, how you’ve achieved them, so which part of you you’ve got in your mind that has enabled you to achieve them – such as your intelligence, the way you make other people feel comfortable around you and you help them to have confidence in themselves - which is working out well for everyone. If you make people laugh, write down an example of when you’ve even made yourself laugh. Write down the physical parts of you that you’re happy with and the compliments you’ve had on all the mental and physical things about you that are internally and externally beautiful. Also write down what has happened because of your achievements – stick to the positives here. Write down why you’d be your friend and why you’d date you.

Read all of these things out loud to yourself while you look at you in the mirror. Do this until you see yourself smile – because this should help you have greater self-confidence and feel happier for being you.

You’ll feel a new found wanting to do things with your life and you succeeding with your go get em’ approach is working for you. When you feel more confident about being you - people in general and those closest to you, who perhaps before you grew as a well-balanced person, you’ve apologised much to much for most things you think and say, will comment to you that you seem much more relaxed, content and happier.

Therefore, you’ll be a much more internally and externally (to yourself and others I expect) beautiful person.

Before you go to sleep each night try to read the things you’ve written on your paper about yourself and update your document as you feel happier about being you, until you really do feel happy and excited about each day in your life. Read it before you go to sleep – so how you feel about your next day is you have feelings full of happiness for being brilliant you and you don’t dread your day - tomorrow. You’ll wake up feeling excited about your day, because you know and feel you’re going to go get em’ GO YOU!

Trust me this approach has worked for me and many of my friends and colleagues – plus I’m in my 40s these days, so I’m wise and experienced enough to know it works – so give it a go and ‘if at first you don’t succeed – try and try again!!!’.

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