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Blog 199: How to feel free & find happiness

What makes people feel happy? Finding a purpose to your life is the key to finding happiness.

To help us out in discovering how to live feeling happy every day, scientists around the world are exploring the neuroscience of happiness. as well as the psychology of well-being. Apparently, this means that positive psychology studies are traditionally focused on the study of positive emotions and signature strengths. Recently scientist have focused on related areas such as intimate relationships and discovery of meaning.

You having good: exercise and nutrition helps you out to have psychological well-being.

According to ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ people science is the greatest guru we’ve got.

Scientific studies say that positive psychology and the science of happiness are linked – in other words, what makes happy people is that specific ways of thinking and acting strongly impact our sense of happiness and peace of mind.

Here are 7 habits of happy people.

·      Relationships – people who have one or more close friendships are happier. They have people in their life that they care about, by expressing themselves to them. If you cooperate in activities and you share your feelings with a friend or relative – you’ll get active constructive responses from them. In return you should listen to them, this is the ability to express genuine interest in what they’re saying. You should do this by genuinely listening to them without butting in. Don’t worry if you do butt in when a friend of yours is talking to you. I’m guilty of this one - but I’m trying to be a more engaged listener. I do respond in encouraging ways and my friends really like this – so will yours too. This is powerful to enrich your relationships and cultivate positive emotions.

·      Acts of kindness – cultivates kindness in you. You could volunteer or simply care for others on a consistent basis. If you seem to be happy and less depressed while you care for others this will help your brain to believe you are happy – it will give you positive vibes flushing, that will flush through your system. Although this can involve ‘caring’ as part of an organized group or club, it can involve random acts of kindness – it should do this if you want to feel positive vibes in your mind about being you being you. You could reach out to a colleague or classmate of yours who seems to be lonely or struggling with an issue.

·      Physical welling – please trust me - exercising and eating well will make you feel awesomely happy.

·      Flow – to find your flow you should deeply involve yourself in trying to reach a goal. A goal that is challenging, but well suited to your skills.

·      Spiritual engagement and meaning - Studies demonstrate a close link between spiritual and religious practice they = happiness. Spirituality is closely related to the discovery of greater meaning in our lives. As psychologist Martin Seligman emphasizes – through having a meaningful life we discover a deeper kind of happiness.

·      Signature strengths and virtues Discover and use your strengths.  E.G:  I’ve always been a chatterbox, who likes to put a smile on people’s face and to be there for others. I felt that writing books and blogs was (is) a great way to help loads more people out than just my friends and family. So, people have a place to focus their time and energy - while they feel like chilling out by reading.

·      Positive mindset: optimism, mindfulness and gratitude. Grateful people have shown to have more positive emotion, a greater sense of belonging and lower incidence of depression and stress.

Nobody likes to feel depressed and / or stressed, so if you do your best to live everyday being / having these 7 habits of happy people – you shall feel free from depression and stress and you’ll have found happiness – yay! X



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