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Blog: 197 How to find the ‘next best you’

If you want to start your self-development journey, finding the next best you is the perfect start for your journey.

Write down a list of your big goals, ambitions, dreams, and struggles.

If your goals feel too: far away, unrealistic, or overwhelming – try this out…

If the feeling of not knowing where to start kicks in and anything feels safer than facing getting your goal(s).

Make a ‘Next best you’ AKA ‘Next best steps to take plan’ – here’s how to…

…Make a list of the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen for you, first clarify the next big step – this will help you on your: - getting your lifelong goal or get over your lifelong struggle -  journey.

The number of times I’ve heard people says, “I’ve wanted to do it all my life, but it never seems like the right time to do it, what do I need to do to get me started?”.

If this sounds like you... and you are desperate to know how to make your next best you step plan happen. Take these steps so you can achieve reaching your goals – give these pointers a go….

·      Clearly write down what it is you want to happen – what is your goal list and read it every morning.

·      You can / should create templates so your ‘To Do’ list is sorted and you can easily do it. At first take baby steps, your to do list should be easy to do. This stops you from letting yourself down. Never a good feeling hey!

At weekends most of us clarify exactly what we want and how we want to start getting it – then Monday morning comes around and it feels like those dreams have to take a back seat (yet again). This is because normality kicks in. Going to your possibly uninspiring job because you need to get paid money so you can afford your lifestyle. The busyness of your week picks up, work emails need dealing with, and household chores need doing etc. You slip into the lukewarm dizziness of forgetting about your list of becoming the next best you steps – so nothing happens to get your goals when you’ll become the next best you possible.

Don’t let yourself fall prey to this ever again – let yourself start this time (Monday morning) doing your ‘next best you steps to take plan’ at the start of your day. Life is far too short to put it off.

Eckhart Tole days: “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment”.

It’s time to put your foot forward and move forward, instead of more time passing by with no changes happening to become the ‘next best you’, by living in the present moment.

How to really live in the present moment and make the most of it.

It appears that most people are thinking most of the time and would like to be thinking less. To think less you should meditate.

The silence and stillness you experience in meditation is a peaceful place. You’ll feel increased happiness and diminished stress. This will help you to have a glow on your face, people will enjoy being around you and you’ll really enjoy your own company.

You’ll feel like you can go get em’ – em’ being your goals – your happiness goal(s).

If you do mediate and live in a more present moment to present moment way, it’s the portal to accessing the untapped greatness within you. It’ll help you dive deep to discover your real “why am I the way I am?”  

It will help you to unlock your potential by becoming the next best you and level-up in life.





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