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Blog 193: What feels like a gift from the universe for you?

I’ve read in a book by author Anita Adams called: ‘Guiding you to Conscience living & Inspired Leadership’. In it is a rather important question all of us should ask ourselves:

Are coincidences random acts or is the Universe really conspiring to grab your attention? Anita Adams is seeking magical moments, and she loves following the nudges life throws at her.

I don’t know about you, but I’m often looking for inspiring, exciting magical moments and if a nudge in a certain direction feels like the right or the wrong thing to do – I think about it in my head and go with the vibes I’m getting from the Universe.

Yep, I am a bit of a spiritual hippy like that – trust me it feels good to go with your conscious’s gut feelings on things in your life.

Anita believes there is nothing random about coincidences and when the Universe dishes out these gifts it’s our job to get curious and explore. I am in total agreement on this – are you?

Anita says if you pay attention to these remarkable concurrences of events or circumstances and allow them to move you by being curious, you step into flow and things start to align by themselves that move you closer to your goals and the grandest vision you have of your life.

You might have heard of ‘Unus Mundus’. This is the theory that there us an underlying order and structure to reality – a network that connects everything and everyone. Coincidences could be considered a way to experience that ‘One World Connectedness’. I believe that coincidences are a gift from the Universe and that it’s our job to unwrap these coincidences and explore their meaning.

Sometimes people appear in your life like a gift from the Universe.

I have a bit of this to explore myself….

…. I went to see Diana Ross in concert at The Royal Albert Hall that is in London on my own. When I got off the bus in Victoria, London - I wasn’t sure how to get to The Royal Albert Hall. A rather good-looking friendly Londoner chap asked me if I was okay or lost, I said “I just need to hail a cab’. He hailed me (us) a cab on a rather busy road (I’d have struggled to do this myself) and he paid for the cab that wasn’t cheap to the concert to see the amazing Diana Ross. He was going to watch / listen to her too. What a coincidence hey!


We went for a non-alcoholic drink after the show, swapped numbers and we’ve been dating ever since. We have a very happy successful ‘long distance in motorway miles from each other’ relationship - since our chance / coincidence meeting.

I’m pretty sure the Universe had something to do with our chance meeting. It drew us together - because I’ve been hoping to meet the one for quite a while now (well I am 42.5 years old now, so it really is about time this happens hey!). The concert was fab and so is our relationship. What a fab Universe fuelled coincidence hey!

Have a think about wonderful things that are in your life – are they happening by chance or are they meant to be in your life because they’ve happened by coincidence? Have you had a gift from the Universe? If you have - good for you, it’s fab hey!


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