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Blog: 190 Watch clips from Aid Workers in GAZA here:

Awesome people help others out in places like GAZA – where for many their life has been destroyed.

People work for Care International UK by supporting adults and children with things one needs to survive:

·      Water

·      Food

·      Shelter

·      Medicine(s)

Read about what they do here:

If you can spare a minute or two, please watch diary blogs / clips from Aid Workers in places such as GAZA here:

In this clip you’ll meet Saaed: 40 years old, who has worked for CARE since 2009. He is currently a CARE’s Emergency Coordinator in GAZA. In this blog (clip you can watch), he talks about his life as an Aid Worker, father, and husband during the hardest time of his life.

Watching and reading about how others do so much to help others survive, it really puts my 1st world problems into perspective.

Please do without a few of life’s basic treats such as a few chocolate bars or a couple of beers this weekend. Please donate a few quid to help support those who are in need of help from all of us who live in a safe area of Earth and have things that to others would feel as if they’d won the lottery. Things you quite possibly take for granted - such as medicine when you feel ill, or a bite to eat when you feel hungry.

I’m quite skint at the mo., but I’ve donated a tenner (it’s not loads of money, but every penny counts). For me this means having less: bars of chocolate and less: bottles of diet coke – no big deal right! I feel the need to support others on Earth who are helping people who are in serious danger because of living where a war is happening.

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