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Blog: 175 Worldvision - support

Worldvision supports children living in some of the world's most fragile contexts.

All the resources entrusted to them are effectively and efficiently invested in the lives and futures of children. They're always working to keep their overhead low.

By sponsoring a child, you're going to change a vulnerable child's life and the lives of other children where they live.

or want speak to them, please call on: 01908 84 10 10 or email .

Give women a chance to be really independent by sponsoring a girl.

If you sponsor a girl you'll help to fight for her rights. More girls around the world deserve to be able to get an education, so they can get a job to fund supporting themselves.

I don't know about you, but I hope that if I or someone I care about was struggling in life to get: an education, financially look after one's self, be able to live somewhere clean, safe and in a friendly and safe environment. Hopefully other people who are caring enough would either donate to support charities who would support those in need.

If they couldn't afford to donate money, I hope they'd spread the word to others who could financially afford to donate. Or they'd use their time doing things like car boots to sell some of their possessions to give them some funds so they could donate.

If anything to do with money was not an option, perhaps they could give their time to work for the charities for free, to do work needed behind the scenes. That would keep the charities open and running as they need to be to help out those in need. They'd get other human beings the safe, healthy and happy life they deserve.

I hope you have the same wishes to help out those who are struggling on your home - Earth. You can easily help out by using the links shared in this blog. Plus, you can spread the word about these great charities - so we can all help others out on their life's journey.

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