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Blog:174 How to change a vulnerable child's life today - here's how....

....Many children around the world are scared to walk anywhere such as to school for fear of being attacked by a crocodile, or a person i.e. being raped.

Many females are scared on their way to their school, they'll be chased by men.

I am sponsoring children each month (not loads, but enough to pay for them to be safe), so they can feel protected in their day-to-day life. You can do this to by going to:

World Vision UK at:

Meet Esther and here's how she's determined to be educated - she's very wise for her age - she's an intelligent child.

Esther a young girl from rural Tanzania. Every morning, Esther sets off early on her 8km trek to school. With no school bus waiting to pick her up, the only option is to walk, alone. The scariest part of Esther's walk to school used to be the river crossing. Wading through murky waters, being careful not to tread too close to the crocodiles and hippos lurking close by. But now, a few years older, Esther fears something worse than dangerous animals on her way to school. Being raped.

“Many female pupils report that they were chased on their way by men" explains one of her teachers. Esther fears she might be next.

Esther was born into a family of farmers. There was never any pressure for her to attend school. And living so far away, her parents wondered if there was any point in sending her. But Esther’s determination won them over.

Despite the dangers she faces every day, Esther is determined to get an education. She believes it is her ticket to a better future.

Fighting for her right to an education is a challenge in itself. It’s extremely cruel that Esther's decision to learn puts her at greater risk of sexual violence. She’s top of her class, but fears she might be the next girl to suffer on her way to school.

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