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Blog: 171 How to balance your fears with your challenges

To balance your fears with your challenges you have to have faith in yourself. Really face what you want and the universe will support you in getting it.

I used to be very scared of heights, so I decided to really face my fear by doing a sky dive while I was in Australia. I did want to see as much of the country as possible, so that seemed like a great idea all round.

Jumping out of the plane felt very scary, but I trusted God and the universe to not let anything bad to me, i.e. me dying by hitting the ground at a very fast speed - we flew at 500 mph.

Halfway through flying to the ground I looked to my left where I saw most of Australia and to my right I saw Hawaii and of course the beautiful ocean.

We should all trust that the universe has our back if we have our eye on the top prize.

You discovering new things, parts of your mind and new skills (that you are more than capable of having) while you're on Earth is a truly magical thing. Go for it - believe in yourself - you know you're brill, enough people have told this, it's time you believe this very true fact.

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