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Blog: 168 We're all getting older, so one should stand up for older people now

Nobody enjoys getting older, but we'd like to be able to think that our life can be comfortable without: stress, poverty and ill health in our old age. There is very little support out there for most of us whom will be old one day.

To help things to improve for people who are in the older generation.

You can sign the petition that will go to the government to ask them to make our health care system better for older people and to help them have enough money to at least eat healthily.

To support this cry for help, go to the Website:

You can also support Age International as the world's population is rapidly ageing. As the world ages the number of older people living with chronic diseases and disability increases.

Go to Age International's website to sign their campaign, to ensure older people are included in Universal Health Coverage commitments made at the UN in September.

Find out how you can support their campaign here:

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