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Blog: 166 How catching up on life’s fun stuff & the news is so much easier these days because…….

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

......we have the internet, we can use it to research most things, we have the news and life coaching / life stories type pf things on regular TV, Sky and good old Netflix.

What did we do to find out about life’s fun stuff before we had access to these things (that are in most people’s life)?

We had our friends and our work colleagues filling us in on stuff they find interesting in their life, we had the communication tools the: home telephone and one’s mobile phone, we could and can email people we know, then good old Facebook made international friendships more possible to keep. If one has a job, there is often the internal intranet/website to share news about various companies’ news and what’s going on in the world that might affect one’s business.

One had to rely on and trust one’s own memory, hand write down experiences - usually in one’s diary. Pen pals were people most of us had in one's life, kept by using the postal services to send one’s hand written letters.

There are national, international, and local newspapers, plus the radio, to keep us all up to date on news from the various areas that you’d like to know about. But, so many of us are very aware the world is running out of trees to make all the paper mankind needs. This is resulting in most of us relying on our laptops & our mobiles to read the news on the internet and to continue to email our friends.

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