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Blog: 164 dogstrust - please donate to them, so UK's dogs will be safe, cared for and shown love.

If you love doggies, please donate to and promote dogstrust - who are helping to save 14,000 dogs in the UK from awful circumstances - cruelty in being homeless, beatings by humans and being starved which can cause them to die.

I was donating to a dog called Boogie (with me being a dancer - his name caught my eye & heart. They've found him a safe home - phew!

So, now I'm donating to support a beautiful fun-loving chap with a real zest for life called: Cooper. I will help to support him until they find him a wonderful home. I can even go and meet him at dogstrust - South West - I'll be doing this soon and yep - I can't wait to meet the cheeky chappie. In the photo they've sent me of him, he looks like my dog Bess who popped her clogs when I was 6 years old. It's as if she has come back to life in the form of a chap dog, whom seems to be just as fun-loving as Bess was.

To find out more about dogstrust and find out how you can sponsor doggies, visit their website here:

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