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Blog: 158 Don't let others control how you spend your time....

Do you allow people and circumstances to control your mind, mood and health?

If you do, don't spend or waste your time thinking about bad interactions.

Also, don't let others control your emotions. If you spend your time thinking and caring about what everyone else thinks - how are you going to focus on your goals.

If you take time to make and let yourself love you and to respect you really wanting to achieve your goals - so long as they're healthy and have good vibes - go for it or them, so you can achieve your goals and feel very happy to be alive.

It will help if you record whatever your goals are by either recording yourself saying: 'what your goals are' by saying: 'what you have to do to achieve them'.

Or if you don't like the sound of your own voice - write down what you want in your life and give yourself a timeline, so you can have something to use as your day-to-day plan - that you can check at the start of each day and tick off each task / to do list thing as it is done - so once you've achieved it or them.

This will be 'you' controlling your time how you want and / or perhaps you need to.

You'll achieve your goals before you know it if you don't let others control how you spend your time.

If you do let them control your time, you won't be letting yourself live how you want to - plus how you possibly need to.

GO GET EM' - YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS! if you believe in yourself - you'll know you can do it.

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