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Blog: 151 Did u take something 4 granted, but now it's not a part of your life - do you miss it?....

I think most of us forget to be grateful for many things in our life, but once it or they are not part of our life any more we miss it or them.

I think it's a bit of a first world problem / issue that so many of us have a friendship or relationship that we have not given enough love and time to, then when the group of people or person has had enough of always being the one who puts the effort into being there for you, they make sure you have a good laugh, so fun when you're together. We all need help to stop taking life so seriously. If you have someone in your life who helps you to forget about your life issues and / or problems, try not to take them for granted, because they might get fed up of being the one showing the love and spending the time together for you guys to be each other's soul mates - take a good look in the mirror and think about all you've got in your life and every person you really care about and thank God and thank yourself for being great enough to have given off good vibes to have them as part of your life. Once they're gone from your life, you'll probably miss them a lot - this is never a nice feeling, so do your best to not take their love and care for you for granted.

Most of us bet sucked in by - very well marketed to us to buy things because they give off the vibes that we need it in our life to be cooler, more successful & happy. We often regret wasting our money on these things, but if we love it then lose it or them we get really annoyed with ourselves for how much we always presumed it or them would be in our day-to-day life, but now it's gone, one feels a little bit lost and not cool any more.

While you think about how you can be less ungrateful for things / people in your life give: 'Ain't no stopping us now' by McFadden & Whitehead a listen to - you probably know this song. Enjoy you having a boogie to it and really feel your inner determination to be a more grateful and thoughtful person from now on.

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