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Blog: 149 Understanding how to be peaceful&content

If something bad happens to your body or you mind's health, trust in both of their ability to heal, by saying to yourself "perfect health exists in my soul".

A grateful heart is a magnet that attracts everything that can be positive in your life.

Say these affirmations to yourself - out loud if you can:

I am always learning & my mind is growing.

I am peaceful & content.

I love every cell in my body, that's why it loves me back by letting me have a wonderful healthy body and mind..

Sometimes you know things and you don't know why you're having these 'ah ha' moments - go with the flow by enjoying that you have very strong brilliant brain moments.

Let your words of wisdom magically flow through you - you and others will love this.

Because you're a very fun, peaceful, content and wise person, you'll find that people like to come to you for advice.

Daily affirmations you can and should use to help your brain become and stay strong:

"Everyone has bad days, but I won't give up by panicking. I will: rest, reset my thoughts and feelings and restart my day / my time on my things that are very special and important to me.

Say to yourself: "I'll never quit, I'll always pick myself up and I'll keep going.

To be truly happy, you must let go of what has gone in your life, be grateful for what remains and look forward to what is coming to you now.

By living in each of your present moment(s) you'll be grateful for now, peaceful & content in your life.

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