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Blog: 148 Happy world rangers day! read on to understand who the rangers are...

Today is World Ranger Day - a day to commemorate forest rangers killed or injured in the line of duty.

It’s also a day to acknowledge the brave individuals who devote their lives to protecting our precious wildlife and the habitats they depend on.

This includes those in the field working hard to protect Critically Endangered Asian elephants.

Our rangers, deep in the forests of Indonesia and Laos, are there to defend these gentle giants from the many wildlife crimes they face. It’s a tough job, spending weeks away from family, and sometimes risking their own lives.

Click the video to meet our wildlife rangers Hermanto, Agus and Dony, and watch their vital work in action as they destroy snares. All thanks to the compassionate support of people like you.

Destroying deadly snares, confronting poachers, and working with local communities to reduce human-elephant conflict are all in a day’s work.

But this essential conservation work is only possible because of the incredible support of people like you. PLEASE CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT - see the link in this blog post. X

To adopt and donate to the saving elephants fund use this link:

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