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BLOG: 147 Procrastination - if you do it, here's how to get rid of procrastinating

Updated: Aug 1

If you keep finding you're putting off doing something that is and feels important in your life - you are procrastinating. If you hear you're doing this a lot from others, but you're not sure what they mean - here is what it means:

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. If it's bothering you that you do this and you feel that you need help to rid yourself of procrastinating - so you can get on with achieving things that will boost your confidence plus make you feel happy. Look at this... 👀 .

It will only take you 5ish mins to complete reading this and doing the small test - highly value yourself enough, so you take time out in your day to do this.

You'll thank me for helping you to get your winning streak back in you - GO YOU!

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