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BLOG: 146 If you’re nervous about the work you’ve done on yourself here’s how to become less anxious

You may become nervous about the work you’ve done while you’ve been developing yourself into a more confident, happy and healthy person - because you have really put your own heart and soul into your self-development.

Don’t let any fear of rejection(s) you could receive hold you back like you possibly did when you were a child. If you can put your mind into achieving your goals / dreams, you’ll feel the self-love you deserve, and you’ll believe in yourself – this was the point in your self-development don’t you think? You must love yourself (in a way without having a huge ego) – for others to love you and believe in you.

You should walk away from your past that may be holding you back through your self-development journey. At first you might be all – “who’s that girl or boy?” by singer Eve, but after that you’ll be self-confident, so you can confidently say: “I’m being me and I’m proud of me!”. You should be courageous not scared. Confident you can easily be courageous.

When and if your controlling / destructive ways, behaviours and actions to yourself and possibly others start to leave you and your life – this may surprise and shock you because you may be so used to feeling consumed by them. You might not understand how to be with this new self-developed, retrained brain of yours. However, you feel go ride it gently at first, until being confident feels like a normal way of feeling and living to you and everyone in your life. Even people you may meet somewhere fun and healthy such as the park – will seem to bounce off the positive energy you omit now you’re a happy self-developed confident human being.


If you’re ever in doubt about yourself or you’re out of people to talk to – those who have stood by your side since the beginning – you might feel embarrassed to turn to them once again. Go to your doctor and ask to be referred to a professional who is paid to really care for you and they’ll give you professional advice and guidance. You’ll feel confident about the advice and reassurance they have given you because you’ll know and understand they have a lot of experience helping to support nervous people like you whom might be suffering with exhausting anxiety.

When you’re confused about how well you’ve done, think: “yes, it might have been tough, but it has been so worth it hey!”. GO YOU YET AGAIN!

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