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Blog: 143 Need or want to read a new book in your lifetime?

If you’re in need or you want some new books to read in your day or night, on holiday or in the comfort of your own home – or you have a friend whom wants some books but they’re too skint at the mo to purchase any – you could treat them to some online books available for you to purchase on this site.

The online books you’ll find in the online bookshop are:

· You were born to sparkle

· The fun ways to get your life goal(s)

· This is not the end – it’s the start of your life’s happiness with happy & good vibes

· How to have animals in your life as your friend at any age you are

· This is not the end it’s the beginning!

· Young & fun!

· How to get what you want & want what you have now

· Meant to be best friends

· Drunk or not, Real or fake?

· How to rebuild your life

· How to become a woman

· Life’s journey

· A real-life romantic comedy

· Your travelling adventures

· Life’s lessons

Yep – all of these books are written by me ‘Laura Mac’, there really is no shutting me up once I get going – he he!

If you purchase one or some of these books, I hope you enjoy it or them. You should (hopefully) learn, laugh and feel understood – because I’m pretty sure most of us will have had similar life experiences, learned the same life lessons and we’ve mainly laughed at the same things – he he! x

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