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Blog: 141 Here are charities u can support, there's no time like the present to support others: now

The reason why I donate to various charities is because I truly believe in helping others out - I may need support in the future, so I should be the one to donate to charities that are helping many people's life - that I may need in the future.

Many people think and say "I don't have the time or enough money to donate, everyone else does it, so why should I?"

If everyone has that kind of attitude, the charities wouldn't be able to afford to help people out and might close. How bad would that be? Where would we all be without the support work charities do? I couldn't live with myself knowing that I could have donated a bit, but I didn't for who knows what reason - could you live with that fact?

I'm not particularly rich myself, but I can go without a few treats such as a few bars of chocolate in order for me to be able to afford to donate to these charities:

1) CRISIS - they help with emotional and financial things in thousands of people in the UK's life.

2) Great Ormond Street Hospital charity


To find out how you can help the UK's most seriously ill children smile again.

3) Supporting animals

Let us not forget that animals such as dogs need support too. They need and deserve homes, food and love just as much as we do. Being with dogs helps to lift one's mood and to help one feel like one has a family whom needs their love and support.

I've chosen 2 brill animal charities to donate to:

1st) DOGSTRUST - A dog is for life:

I currently sponsor a beautiful dog called 'Cooper' whom is a Beagle x Cocker. If you choose a dog to sponsor you'll receive details about him or her such as 'Cooper's': Colour: dark brown and distinguishing feature: floppy ears - you receive postcards with a photo of the dog you support on. I also supported a dog called 'Boogie', well I am a dancer so his name captured my heart as well my mind. They've found Boogie a home now. I'm chuffed about that and I'm chuffed that I was able to support him on his life's journey to get a loving home.

2nd) I also donate to 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People':

I support 2 dogs called 'Riley' and Willow' while they're in their training to be the much needed by deaf people: listening for them dogs. From their photos that have been sent to me on postcards and from what I've read about them on the website, they are both fun, lovely, loving life and people dogs whom are bundles of joy. I've been emailed the address where they are in their training, so I can go visit them and meet these dogs whom I love.

If you can put a few quid aside to donate to charities whom you know need our support - please do this if you can.

Plus, please spread the word about the great work your chosen charities do - the more of us know about them the better - don't you think / know?

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