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Blog 139: Everything happens for a reason......with self-care and for fun adventures.

Everything happens for a reason, you'll be on a whole new adventure because of whatever has happened while you're on your life's journey.

You'll be a more complete human being because of it - your self respect and your self-love will be much stronger - which are much needed to be part of whom you are - hey.

You'll hopefully trust your judgement in each of your present moments now - we should all aim to live in each of our present moments - because they're all we're guaranteed.

Planning for yours and those you love's future are important, but making sure you all make the most of each of your present moments is much more important - I hope you agree.

When it comes to how things work in your romance part of your life goes like this:

For getting your life goal relationships spot on you should understand and feel that while both of you have good levels of energy when you're together is a very good thing - you'll be together. If the energy levels drop it's time to move on, so you can keep your energy relationship life goals a success.

Always allow yourself time to be alone, so you can recharge your energy levels. If you can afford it - go to a wellness retreat where they should have experts who will guide you into how to look after your physical and your mental health very well.

If you can't afford to go to a retreat, go to your library, so you can get books to read about how to live a balanced healthy life.

Try giving yoga and pilates a go, walks in the best countryside you can find and that you can safely travel to. If you have access to the sea, rivers, lakes or a great local swimming pool - go for a dip and swim in the water, this is good to rehydrate you and the exercise will help you to feel good about yourself.

Put self-care at the top of your priorities list - i.e. BRING SELF-CARE INTO YOUR LIFE.

To start you off on your self-care adventure - think happiness filters into everything you do - you should put a gentle amount of effort into staying positive. It helps if you fill your brain and your surroundings with goodness - good visuals and good company bring good vibes to you.

Allow as much positivity into your day-to-day life and you thinking about, then living your long term plans - as possible.

The reason for this is to bring happiness and calm but fun times into your life.

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