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Blog 131: Make being you a great start for each day, so you can make your life plan happen

If you’re struggling with most things in your day-to-day life try this - step by step: rethink everything about the person you are and about your current life plan. Plus, your individual daily tasks that currently make your life run as smoothly as possible. This you currently believe, but your life’s things are stressing you out. You want your life to run smoothly without you being stressed out about most things.

Once you’ve thought and made peace with all things in your life and when you like the person you are – this should stop you from getting stressed out about your probably ever growing to do list, plus about how you react to various aspects of your life.

Once you’ve made yourself slow down (when you’re ready to and possibly need to), very calmly and carefully think through steps you could take for each thing you want and the person you want to be possible. This will make what you want your life to be become a truth for you.

Teach and let yourself be addicted so dependent to the new feeling better plus healthier you. Trust me you’ll smile a lot more if you let yourself love the new better feeling healthier you.

Still remember and keep love plus respect for those who have always stood by your side – those who aren’t just a part of your life when you’re happily making most of your crowd and people in general laugh.

Every day add something to your to do list that is your reward for you getting your day’s to do list(s) done – something that will make you feel happy, feel confident and great for being you.

GO GET EM PAL! You must love and believe in yourself – if you don’t it’s difficult for others to. Don’t let yourself not feel great each day - you’re in control of who you are, how you behave and your daily mood – let it be an upper mood. You’ll love it and so will others

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