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Blog 130: TIPS FOR MENTAL WELL-BEING – how to self-develop, so u can trust yourself & why u should

Trust can help to bring you closer to others, such as family and friends – knowing that help is there if you need it brings you a sense of calmness and reassurance that you’ll always be okay.

Trusting yourself can build up your self-confidence – this will make it easier for you to make decisions and reduce your stress levels – which we all want right?!

It’s very important to trust yourself, you might lose trust in yourself if you make a mistake or if you’re criticised harshly or constantly.

Building trust in yourself can help to build your self-confidence and your decision-making ability. This can make life easier and much more enjoyable. Self-doubt is never a nice feeling hey!

If you act like a person other than who you are around others, this can show a lack in self-confidence. When you start to feel insecure around others, remind yourself that it’s more than okay to be you. Start practicing being the real you who is true to your soul around people you feel most comfortable around. They’ll tell you if how you’re acting feels and so is good to be around. It will bring your confidence in yourself levels up – big time! If you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, keep spending time with the people you feel most comfortable around until your insecure feelings start to disappear. Once you can feel more comfortable with these people, they’ll treat you with more trust, this can make you build up more trust in yourself.

You setting your goals that are too ambitious has a major downside, if you don’t reach them you feel like a failure – which sucks. Failure can reduce your self-confidence and your ability to trust yourself. Try setting many little goals that will put you in the right direction of achieving your big goals. You’ll gain confidence in yourself and you’ll trust yourself when you achieve your small goals.

Be kind to yourself – unconditionally love yourself. This means getting rid of any negative thoughts you have about yourself and by getting rid of any self-criticism you make about yourself. Start paying attention to your inner voice and how it reacts to your actions. To be kind to yourself, your inner voice should be kind and accepting.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you can trust yourself unconditionally, which builds your self-confidence.

Trust in yourself means you can do more of the things you know you’re great at and you can do less of the things that you aren’t great at. If you’re not sure what you’re great at, ask those people closet to you – spend more time doing those things and build your trust that you’ll excel at those things,

When you don’t trust yourself, you might avoid spending time looking inward. Break the habit of looking away from yourself by patiently looking inward.

You’ll help your mental well-being by doing things you know you’re great at with high self-confidence. You’ll love the self-confidence you’ve gained by trusting yourself and you’ll unconditionally love yourself. GO YOU!

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