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Blog: 124 How to use your money kindly…donate to charities part 2

If you read the supporting charities part 1 blog, you’ll have read about how you can sponsor puppies to be ‘hearing dogs’ for deaf people.

Here’s another sponsorship donation for all of you out there who love dogs. It’s called ‘DogsTrust’, they find dogs a loving home.

I struggled to choose one dog to sponsor, but the name and face of a dog called ‘Boogie’ caught my eye. A wonderful letter has been delivered to me from him (of course this has been written by a human being). He introduces himself to me, where he says he’s a playful boy who loves nothing more then sniffing around searching for treats (who doesn’t love that?), it goes on saying lovely things about his cares knowing all about his funny quirks, so they make sure he has the space he needs for playing and so he can eat his dinner in peace. It is signed ‘happy howls, Boogie’. He’s a Beagle who is pale tricolor; his distinguishing feature is his floppy ears. If you could see him, I’m sure you’d love him too, because he looks and sounds like a fun character to have around.

To get involved with supporting these dogs go to: .

You can email them at: Trust me, if you sponsor a dog, it will put a huge smile on your face.

Getting off the chat about supporting our canine friends……….SightSavers………

………If you want to donate money to the International charity working to prevent avoidable blindness, visit: SightSavers. On their website you can go to their donate form, where it gives you the option to donate as much as you can afford and it explains how the money they raise is spent. A donation of as little as £15.00 per month, allows them to treat three children in their School Screenings programme – giving them a chance to create a better life for themselves and their community.

Here’s a little about a charity that is helping to support those affected by cancer Marie Curie.

A disease that could affect any of us and has possibly affected someone you know is cancer.

To help support people who are suffering or who have suffered it, plus people who know someone who has cancer and the want to help them, they fund nurses for medical support and they fund research work to find a cure for it.

Last year: 2022, their services helped more than 69,000 people living with a terminal illness and their families.

If you can’t personally afford to donate any money, you could do a sponsored event such as a half-marathon or any amount of miles run in fancy dress, if you want to be sponsored more money than usual and to put a smile on people’s face.

Go to to find out more about how they help support those affected by this awful life threatening disease, that could affect any of us, so donations that you can afford to make are very important.

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