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Blog: 123 How to use your money kindly…donate to charities part 1

If you want to help society out and feel like a really loving, kind, lovely and wise person – donate to charities if you can financially afford to. Even if you donate only a small amount of money – remember every penny counts.

Here are some I donate to whom I think are really worthy of one’s time to promote them and donate to them.

Hearingdogs, they train dogs to be able to be at the side of deaf people. They help deaf people to leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life.

I’m sponsoring 2 puppies called Willow and Riley.

Willow is a beautiful golden coloured Labrador. They will show me each stage of her fantastic journey, starting as a cute cuddly puppy, and her growing up to be an amazing hearing dog.

Riley is a tiny black Cockapoo.

Both of them will be able to alert deaf people to life-saving sounds such as smoke alarms and other important sounds such as a baby monitor.

I’ve been sent in separate boxes framed photos of them, individual postcards with their photos on - seeing framed photos of both of them made me cry tears of joy.

I’ve been told I’ll be able to follow their progress, as they’ll send me updates throughout their training. They’ll send me beautiful photos of them as they grow up and I’ll find out what they’ve been doing in their puppy training.

I’ll be told about the people who are training them, I’ll be able to celebrate with them as they pass each milestone on their way to becoming fully qualified hearing dogs.

You can find out how you can get involved by sponsoring a or many puppies yourself at:

Their telephone number is: 01844 348100, Text Relay is: 18001 01844 2349100.

Their email address is: use these to get all the info you need to be a part of their hearing dogs for deaf people journey.

If you want to see photos of all of the beautiful puppies go to:

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