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Blog: 122 Are you too skint to go abroad? Here are the best places to have your hols in the UK

If you’re in much need of getting away from it all, by having a relaxed but fun holiday – here are some of your best options………

This blog should take the effort of finding out where is worth your visit.

Some of the best places to go to in the UK for your hols are…


If you don’t have any money to spend on B&Bs or hotel, drag your tent out of the loft if that’s where you keep it and choose from the many camping sites.

You young uns’ out there or adults like me - who still feel young at heart - go party and possibly surf in Newquay.

If it rains while you’re there, which it might do – bloody British weather is famous for being a bit wet and rubbish hey!

Climb aboard exhibits, museum trails, play area & underwater adventures in the Tidal Zone. Enjoy fascinating galleries, major exhibitions and panoramic views of Falmouth from the Tower.

Walk in the footsteps of our ordinary war heroes: try on uniforms and touch real artefacts. A perfect rainy day activity in Bodmin, Cornwall: discover military history and artefacts.

Other places in the UK are:

If you’re an adult reading this so you get to choose what you do by yourself, with your friends or with your kids,

I’ve researched and been to the following places in the UK. You could go for the day or however long you want and possibly need to. If you go to them try to take photos of yourself while you’re having fun:

Top Attractions are: Alton Towers, Alton Towers Waterpark, BeWILDerwood, Black Country Museum, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blenheim Palace, Blue Planet Aquarium, Cadbury World. ...

1. Trending Attractions: Twycross Zoo, Immersive Gamebox London, Bewilderwood Cheshire, Odds Farm Park, Hobbledown Heath, Ballie Ballerson, West Midlands Safari Park.

If you go to the very south point of the UK, you’ll discover Bournemouth has a lovely beach and fun family holiday things to do.

Scotland has quite a few nice beaches too – I’m half Scottish so I’m bound to rate it well. If you want a break from your visit to Edinburgh for those of you whom love to shop, lunch and party:

  • St Ninian's Isle South Mainland

  • Tolsta Beach - Isle of Lewis

  • East Beach - Lossiemouth

  • Aberdeen Beach - Aberdeen

  • Rockcliffe Beach- Rockliffe

  • Coldingham Bay - Coldingham

  • West Sands Beach - St Andrews

  • Nairn Beach - Nairn

If you fancy a trip to Ireland, I recommend Dublin for great: shopping, meals and nights out. If you want to see Irish beautiful countryside – I recommend you taking a trip to Cork for it’s lovely, gentle natured people. To visit the Blarney Castle & gardens, The English Market and FOTA wildlife park. There are loads more exciting things to see and do while you’re there – just Google Cork.

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