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Blog: 120 Do you have an interview soon? Here’s how to prepare for it & how to get the job you want

I was a Resource Manager for many years, so I was the companies interviewer.

Plus, I’m 41 and I’ve never not got a job I’ve gone for - so here’s some advice from an expert (me) on how to impress by showing you’ve got it in you to do the role very well – here’s the way to get the job you want - that's the job of your dreams.

Firstly, do your research about the company you have an interview with, so you look like someone who puts an effort in for understanding and living work visions & values. This is so they don’t think they’ll have to train you about who the company is - what their values and visions are - so you can perform at your best when you start the job.

Prepare so you really know about the company you want to be a part of – and you understand who they need you to be, so you’ll fit in with your colleagues and help them achieve the companies goals.

Prepare so you can demonstrate you are very experienced in the role you’re interviewing for, do ask a friend to ask you the kind of questions you’ve prepared for and ask for their honest opinion on whether you’ve impressed them and whether they’d give you the job.

Be very clean, dress to impress and represent who they want to be known to be. Dress in a suit if you’re going for a role in a corporate company and dress young and funky if you would be working for a young cutting edge company.

Be on time, greet the interviewer with a handshake and smile, know your interviewer's name and have a note pad and pen to show you think things through so you always capture info your colleagues will possibly need to know.

Listen to the questions and think before you give your answers. Use the right language and tone for a formal situation – match the kind of language your interviewer uses.

First and last impressions count big time. Believe in: yourself, your experience in a past similar role and be the kind of person they would love to work with, because you’re an intelligent, well prepared good egg of society.

Good luck - I'm sure you'll get it if you prepare well.

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