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Blog: 119 Have today be the day when you let yourself achieve what you want to achieve!

If you’ve been itching to achieve something in your life, that will make you feel better and good about yourself, plus make you and others feel happy – why not let today be the chance you give yourself to go for it and make it or them happen.

Why not? There’s no time like the present hey! That’s all you’ve got that’s guaranteed.

E.G I love to dance, but recently I’ve let myself have no confidence in my ability to dance well and feel happy with myself for going for it. Today I let myself start my day off by listening to classic pop and disco anthems from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and I let myself dance my socks off!

Yep, the endorphins that flowed through my body helped me to feel good and I was rather good even if I do say so myself. This helped me to remember that I used to win many a dance festival and get paid to dance in nightclubs to really get the crowd love their night out and in turn love their life.

I’ve also let myself promote my 10 books I’ve written that can be found for sale on this community site - on the online bookstore tab you’ll find on this site.

There’s a variety of books from: comedy, romance, friendship and travelling adventures, plus life lessons one should learn and grow from.

Letting myself really go for it today has put a smile on my face and very nearly cry tears of joy. GO ME! – Let yourself be able to do what you want to do today and be able to say GO ME! as well.

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