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Blog: 117 How did you behave this year's April's Fool's day?

Every year we have an excuse to behave silly on 1st April: April Fool's day.

How did you behave this year- were you silly? Did you laugh at yourself as a reaction to something you did?

Fortunately this year's 2023, was on a Saturday, so you possibly didn't have to go to work, so you had the freedom to use all day to act in funny ways.

I hope you made yourself smile and others laugh, if you didn't you've now got a whole year to make your plans for you to act silly on next years. Next year you might have to be stuck in the office, shop or cafe/restaurant where you work - making fun of your colleagues in a light hearted jokey way should make your day a work be a fun day.

April fools pranks should be clever enough to throw a friend, family member or colleague for a loop, but they should never be put in harms way.

Try to be as sensible as you can when throwing your pranks.

Because this year's was on a Saturday, I'm almost certain there will have been many drunken pranks thrown. If this sounds like you, I hope they were just funny, so you were not filled with regret. All I can think of is a prank that would break someone's heart. This would be if you told someone who is crazy in lust or in love with you that you feel the same as them, but in reality you have none of the same thoughts or feelings as that person, you could break their heart. I hope none of you did this. If you did, please apologise to the person whose heart you've broken. If you didn't, please make a note to never ever throw this prank - it's just cruel to make someone think that their dreams have come true, when in reality they haven't. There would be nothing funny about that.

Don't worry that has never happened to me, nor have I ever done that to anyone.

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