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Blog: 116b Does a character in fiction you experience remind you of you? Rest in peace Lily Savage x

This morning before I started writing this blog post, I found out that my hero Paul O’Grady - AKA Lily Savage has died, aged 67. REST IN PEACE PAUL. X

I have always wanted to meet him/her, because he/she reminded me of me. He loved getting glammed up, letting his/her hair down on a day or night out and we would have had fun and laughed together, while we celebrated being alive.

He also loved dogs and was great with them. I love dogs, some of my pet dogs were my best friends – they really were like family to me – I can’t wait to have another dog some day soon I hope.

Now Paul is in Heaven he can mix and party with the most glam women Earth ever saw: Marilyn Monroe – I know this because I very briefly went to Heaven (because of a fatal accident), where I met Marilyn.

Paul AKA Lily will always be someone whom I aspire to be like and I’ll miss the latest shows that he/she was on.

Paul - thank you for giving me someone to look up to and for reminding me of myself.


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