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Blog: 116a Does a character in a fiction you’re experiencing ever remind you of you?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What made me think about this question for you for this blog post?

I was watching the film ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, for a number of reasons. I’m very similar to the character Scarlett Johansson plays. I know what I don’t want, but I’m not sure what I want either – I’m reckless and adventurous, I like meeting different people, but I want to settle down. I’m a tiny bit jealous of people who have met whom they’re sure is the one for them and are having a nice settled life.

That also seems to be a bit too safe, structured and boring for me though.

On a night out with those friends whom have settled down, after a few glasses of wine, their eyes may wander and they have to not let themselves enjoy the present moment as it feels in that moment that they shouldn’t cheat on their partner, because they don’t want the guilt, the feeling of betrayal or regret. That must suck to feel like that hey! I wouldn’t be too chuffed if a man whom I was in love with eyes had wondered and he might cheat on me – now that would suck big time!

I’d never be able to relax whenever he went on a night out – that would make me feel like a jealous over controlling woman whom I don’t want to be.

Plus, I’m blonde like she is, I’ve been to Barcelona and I loved it – trust me life’s too short to not experience it – so book your flight and go let your hair down. Be faithful if you’re in a relationship and if you choose to be faithful – still let your eyes wander all over the place – I’m sure you understand, it’s fun to feel very attracted to someone and take part in some harmless flirting. Just tell your friends to make sure you leave it at playful flirting – and that they should remind you you’ll hate yourself in the morning if you cheat on your partner. Never good for a hangover, feeling physically sick at the same time as hating oneself is never a good thing – or so I’ve witnessed.

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