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Blog: 115 Donating to people, causes & charities who need us to support them

If you want to donate to people, causes and charities because you can afford to - you know they need all of our support. You possibly want and/or need something to help you to feel like a good person, do your research online about charities that have been set up to support people who are having a hard time in life – usually because of an illness, or because of their current life situation. If you don’t have time to do your research, here are a few I feel are very important we should donate to.

Please don’t think - ‘everyone else probably donates, so they don’t need my money, because everybody is probably donating’. If everyone thinks this, so has that attitude about donating / supporting others, no one will support by donating – then where would we all be? A lot more physically and mentally ill and being on our own.

If you don’t earn enough to personally donate, you could do something fun, such as a sponsored run, or have a fancy dress at work that people want to donate to, because they want also to support and seeing you in fancy dress will put a smile on their face.

If you want to donate to a cancer charity, support Marie Curie, click this link to donate however much you can afford to. Most of us know someone who has suffered possible end of life cancer, unfortunately you might be someone unlucky to get it. So please donate to support vital nursing care. My best friend had breast cancer, so this charity is close to my heart. Even if it isn’t close to your heart, forward thinking will make you feel it might affect you one day, so now is the right time to support this charity.

The charity REFUGE is very close to my heart, because I grew up with and I had to spend time with my abusive/very violent father until I was 12. My mum was beaten up every day by him. Many women and children don’t have anyone to talk to, or don’t have the funds needed to find another place to live, or have any support needed to plan/find an escape route to stay with friends whom can help them until they’re back on their feet. REFUGE have a free 24 hour support line for confidential support. They are committing to defeat misogyny together. Misogyny is a form of online hate that targets women and girls. It means that women should be treated as less than men, to understand this you can go to this Misogynywebsite. If you’re a man or boy who is reading this, you probably have female friends who might be suffering, but are keeping quiet about it because of fear of punishment if they tell anyone about the abuse they get - so you could tell them about what you have learnt and where help is available. If your friend isn’t a victim, there’s a strong chance they know someone who is a victim, so please everyone reading this, share what you’ve read about here, so victims know there is support out there for them.

SightSavers – it’s an international non- governmental organization that works with partners in developing countries to treat and prevent avoidable blindness. It must be tough living in a developing country, but if one or someone they love is going blind - meaning they can’t look after themselves or their family – the struggle must be unbearable. If you want to donate to SightSavers to help grow the amount of support given in these ways, you could either do a one- off donation, or donate an amount every month. I struggled to open the SightSavers website, so I went to SightforLife, who do the same things to prevent blindness. Please support by donating if you can – if you can’t - please spread the word about the support that is out there for people suffering from blindness.

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