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Blog: 114b Books to read are available to buy on this community site now

As I said on Blog: 114a there are plenty of books written by me for sale on this community site.

Here’s a bit about some of them:

Life’s journey – click to buy this book

It’s about how to choose who you want to be in your life and how to achieve what you want in your life. How to: get self-confidence, choose the right partner for you, get your perfect home and go on adventures.

A real life romantic comedy – click to buy this book

Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy? Most of us have had funny things happen to us when we’ve been with: a chosen partner, the love of one’s life or; a practice for finding one’s romance soul mate. This book will make you feel young at heart and put a smile on your face.

Your travelling adventures – click to buy this book

For a get away from everyday life, the sometimes boring hum drum of it all; a simple holiday helps one to feel a bit better. But to really lighten one’s spirit, one can plan a trip around the world – that would be a real adventure. This book is about travelling adventures had by my friends and myself. It should inspire you to have your own travelling adventures.

Life’s lessons – click to buy this book

This book is about how to achieve what you want in your life; how, when and why. It will help you to learn what makes you mentally and physically strong – so you can win during your life.

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