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Blog: 114a Books to read are available to buy on this community site now

Here’s a bit about the books you can treat yourself, your family or friends to.

I’m finding because the weather is so crap this year and I’m not a huge lover of what’s on the TV, wrapping up warm on the sofa, or on my bed with a good book is a great way to spend my time each day and / or night. Do you feel like this?

If you do, click on Online book store it will take you to the online book shop where you can buy all of these books to read on your computer or your phone – which ever form of technology you use.

Chatterbox here has written quite a few books, that you might like the sound of once you read a bit here about what they’re about.

- Click the title to treat yourself

This book is about: researching the details of what you want in your life, how to talk to the right people and how to live in your present moment, so you can appreciate and want what you have now.

Young & Fun – click the title to treat yourself

This book talks about the many things you can do while you’re young, (before you have adult responsibilities) and how much fun you can have doing them.

Meant to be best friends – yet again click the title to treat yourself

This book talks about how you know when you’ve met the person who is your best friend soul mate, what you’ll do to help each other out and about all the good laugh times you have, that creates happy memories for both of you.

Drunk or not? Real or fake? – same again click the title to treat yourself

We all have done things we're not too chuffed we or someone else has done, did it happen because we or they were drunk. We've all met someone who has told us a tale that doesn't seem to be possible, or true - so is the tale real or fake?

How to rebuild your life - click the title to treat yourself

If you're having or have had a hard time, you need to work out what you want & who you want to be. This book helps you to do these things.

How to become a woman - click the title to treat yourself

How it feels at being the various different ages of being a female and having a sex change to become a woman.

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