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Blog: 111 Do you need to feel more loved by people in your life?.....

…………If you don’t love you for being you, how do you expect others to love you?

So others can love you, firstly you need to need to love yourself before others can love you.

If you struggle with this, on a piece of paper, a notebook or in your diary, write things you like about yourself and why you do. Then when you’re with others: behave these ways – this should put a smile on yours and their face. Plus make you feel proud of yourself because the compliments you’ll get about how lovely your personality is come flooding in.

To get a warm feeling inside you about yourself, start your own fan club by starting each day saying “I’m kind of awesome!” then contact (however you do these days) your friends or go to see them and tell them why you think you’re awesome, after you tell them why you think they’re awesome enough to be your friend! In response, you’ll probably get told by them why they think you’re kind of awesome too!

Doing this should help you to feel more loved by the people in your life. They’ll possibly feel more loved by you – so everyone’s a winner!

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