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Blog: 109 Keeping nicknames for your friends funny….

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Nicknames are sometimes based on people’s unique personalities. They should always help to put a smile on your friend’s face. It’s best not to choose a nickname that reminds them of something bad that happened to them. If you choose a rather insulting name for someone it should only be someone who has rubbed you up the wrong way. Probably never let them hear you calling them their nickname, because they’ll probably be mean to you again, if they hear you saying they’re possibly insulting nickname.

I find it’s often best to have fun nicknames for your closet friends. Here are some examples for you and they’ll hopefully inspire you if you’re struggling to think of nicknames for your friends:

· James - whom I call Jim Bob for nope reason and he calls me Nut Bag and blondee, because I make him laugh with my rare wacky behavior and because I have blonde hair (how original of him hey, Ha Ha!) He calls me ‘Nut Bag and Blondee’. I never fail to make him laugh and I am blonde.

· Rich whom we call Rat Boy, because he’s a little scamp and looks a bit like a good looking rat.

· Iain Cook – Cookie Dough – (how original of me hey?! Ha Ha!)

· Me by Cookie – Disco babe Angel Star – well I am a dancer and DJ - I have no clue why Cookie calls me Angel Star. Perhaps because of my shiny gentle personality?

· Kate Sparkes – Sparksy – another very original one by me, hey! Ha ha!

· Rhiannon – Polly Doll. Her first name is Polly, she has a kind and gentle nature, plus she’s beautiful as most dolls are.

As one grows older, being called the nickname one had in one’s youth never fails to put a smile on one’s face – well I find it lovely to be with my friends and call them by their nickname(s), it lightens our spirit.

If there is someone in your life, who could do with you helping them to have a smile on their face - try coming up with a fun and gentle nickname for them - this should help them to smile and feel happier. If it doesn’t blame me, blondee! Ha Ha! x

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