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Blog: 107 Are you old enough to have a house party to play vintage board games that U can remember?

Most children love to play board games such as monopoly, build a better burger, The Neighbours Game (based on most people’s favourite 1980s soap neighbours) and games such as hide and seek plus Guess Who. But once one becomes a teenager or adult, yep one can still play 1980s famously favourite games, but one might not enjoy them unless one is in a mood to act young and silly, or one has very young kids and they want to introduce them to games from their youth. This should put smiles on everyone’s faces!

These days and years before 2023, there are many quiz shows on TV that many adults sit down to watch, but unless they want to get a place on one of them, they probably don’t find them as much fun as childhood games did.

Here’s a fun idea for you (well I think it’s fun). You could swap TV quiz / games shows for something you can enjoy with your friends. You could throw a house party for you to play vintage board games, so you can remember the good old all of you being young days!

The invite could say: ‘come dressed in what was cool and funky for party animals to wear back then - vintage clothes from the 70s, 80s and possibly the 90s’. You could have prizes for who ever wins each game and who dresses most appropriately and the funniest.

The prizes could be free drinks, cigarettes if they smoke (this shouldn’t be started any kids who are reading this), possibly calling in sick to their work, if they have work the day after the party, when a rest in bed may be needed because of all the funny antics that went on and exhausted them, or they could choose the music played for the party, for the rest of the day or night.

An adult slightly drunk game of Twister would be pretty funny, or so I’m told it is – ha ha!

Make sure you capture photos of everyone in their fun vintage outfits and while they’re playing silly games. So you can make albums for all the party guests who attended – so they have it for their happy days memories.

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