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Blog: 103 Being young & fun is great, if you want to know how feel young & have fun,read on......

A new small book written by me is for sale on this community site called ‘Young & Fun!’.

You could treat yourself to a copy of it to help you remember how much fun you (hopefully) had in your youth. Or you could treat your children to this book to help them to smile and inspire them to enjoy themselves.

Or you might have friends who are not enjoying their life for various reasons, so a good laugh and reminiscing about the good old days, if they had the same kind as I did, should put a smile on their face.

If they didn’t have fun in their youth, tell them you’re never too old to have some fun and giggles with your friends.

If you get a copy for yourself of 'Young & Fun!' and it makes you smile, please do help your friends out by telling them about this community - they could subscribe to it for the blogs and books that are available to help put smiles on their face and to give you plus them that ‘get up and go’ feeling you want and may need to enjoy your life.

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