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Blog: 101 Do you want to or need to rebuild your life? Here’s how to…

…If something bad has happened in your life – from: having a very low self esteem problem, you’ve had a bad life changing break up, loss of a job that was your calling, but your next step is proving to be quite a challenge, or a life changing bad accident has happened to you, so you might have to start again and rebuild who you are, possibly your physical appearance has changed and your brain isn’t quite as on the ball as it used to be and now you need and want it to be.

If you or anyone you care about has been through any of these things or situations not mentioned here and needs to rebuild yours or their life - because one has had to change one’s home, one’s friends are all settled down now they’re all older, or one just wants a fresh start because the way you or they feel about how you or they want to live life has changed.

If you aren’t sure where to start because you’ve never just gone with the flow before – you’ve always lived the conventional way before, so you’ve done what is expected of your age, race, sex and the amount of money you’ve been expected to earn, you’ve always worked hard enough to get it.

Personally, I listen to the Erick Morillo tune ‘ Live your life’ if I need to feel the ‘get up and go’ emotions to rebuild my confidence to be with others or content with my chosen way to spend my time now, which is writing books & blogs for your reading pleasure – I hope you feel and agree with me my written words are a pleasure to read. If music helps you out, try listening to this too.

If you need to teach yourself from scratch how to rebuild your life, you can always read the book you can buy in this community website called: How to rebuild your life by moi Laura McEwan. Or you could treat a friend of yours to a copy because you think they could do with a little easy to read life learning themselves. Trust me, they'll thank you for you being such a caring and thoughtful friend.

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