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Blog no: 67 Do you have to do things others tell you to, not just at work in your personal life too?

If someone makes you do things you don't like and they're not your personal choice to do - think of some words that tell it how it is to them, so you can stop the situation. This will probably upset them and they may get quite mad at you. Just let yourself be strong enough to say: "the truth hurts doesn't it hey!"

Do you choose to do your 'to do list' every day? Or is there someone in your life who is being a rather lazy dictator? They can't be bothered or don't want to do tasks that probably affect both your life, so they tell you to do it or them and threaten you by saying they'll make your life difficult if you don't do as they've told you to do.

I hope you understand this is not a great way to behave as a human being - it's not fair on you. Your life is about you being allowed to feel and be the intelligent strong person who you really are, when you're given a chance.

If this sounds like what you've been having to put up with, you've probably without wanting to turned into a 'to do list addict' - sucks hey!

Today it's 1st January 2023 (so happy new to you!). If you had or went to a party to celebrate the New Year last night, you probably don't feel well enough to do much today, which may make you feel guilty to yourself and your ever growing to do list.

Give yourself New Year's Day off - remember half the country aren't working today, so you're not on your own.

If you threw a house party with quite a few party guests, you're work for the day could be removing rubbish (empty cans and bottles) from your home, wiping and hoovering the sides and floor of your home. Never a pleasant job, but hopefully your party went well and it made you happy to welcome the year in with friends of yours and see most of them smile their heads off.

Now it's a New Year it's time for a fresh start for you, to start your year off well, try to make your own choices for / in your life. Don't allow yourself to do someone else's choices for the time in the days of your life. Promise yourself, that you are the boss of your own life, you decide what you want to do in every present moment of your life.

Don't break the promise you've made to yourself. Let yourself love yourself in a non-egotistical way. x

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