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Most of have boring day-to-day things, that just make our life work in a usual standard and average way, but if you want your life to be special and amazing you have to live your dreams, so you have no regrets at the end of your days.

Make everyday count for you and make the most of each day by:

Daily accomplish a big task (that you have on your probably ever growing to do list).

Do a thing that you love because it makes you happy. These should involve your dreams, goals and hopes – try writing down what these are and read them each morning to help you focus on living them and achieving them.

Get the rest your brain needs which affects how well your body is. Try meditation, yoga and get a massage if you can, followed by a bath if you can.

Learn to always live each of your moment well by being in the present of every moment. This will help you to enjoy your time on Earth and help you to remember happy times, which we all need to reflect on and remember at times.

Daily nurture your mind, by thinking about those you love and learn to understand your passion in life such as: a hobby or talent you may have, look after your health - so your body can perform at it’s best every day you need it to and nurture your soul. This is to let your emotional and intellectual intelligence perform well. Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to use, perceive, manage and handle one’s emotions. Yes, easier said than done, but as they say: practice makes perfect.

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