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Blog no.6 What kind of intelligent person am I - academically or emotionally intelligent or both?

Most people have different ideas about what intelligence is in a person.

There are two different types of intelligence: academically and emotionally intelligent – What are they? How do they differ? Can one be both?

Traditional academic intelligence starts with the basics to most. So being able to do mathematics, write academically well with no spelling mistakes, speak a language other than that of their home country, some people excel at languages, some at sciences, some at musical instruments, some at history, geography, I could go on and on but I won’t bore you with that, because I’m emotionally intelligent, so I feel I shouldn’t bore you, because nobody likes to be bored – do they?

Being emotionally intelligent kind of does what it says on the tin.

Emotions are: happy when one is elated or excited about something, or upset and sad about something personal in one’s life which could lead to depression, so one’s best pal is very much needed if one gets depressed. Grieving emotionally, needing a shoulder or two to cry on to.

If you’re emotionally intelligent, you know how to be when you're around others because of their mood and you not wanting to drag them down if they're in a positive mood, or upset them any further than they already are if they are depressed.

Yes, you can be both kinds of intelligent, but it’s about knowing when to use which of them to be successful, wise and happy in different kind of situations.

If you want to be the most academically intelligent person you know, I think you should study hard in your chosen field and try to take an interest in things that are happening in the society of the country where you live and also in the rest of the world, so you can contribute to intellectual conversations.

Emotional intelligence is one the majority of us who have this kind of intelligence are born with. Also this can be gained and grown from your family members, teachers who are more like a good friend to you, your school mates and possibly your doctor who is very chilled out, kind, wise to you, but also who you can have a good laugh with.

You’ll come to know if you’re emotionally intelligent if most people you know turn to you for the good times as well as the bad, you are known as the right person to have around just in case moods need to be lifted or changed to be more respectful to others sadness or happiness. You understand how having balance in your mood is very important for your time to be well spent - when you’re alone or when you’re with others.

Which is the one to be strongest at? That very much depends on what your lifetime priorities are. If you want to live in the best part of town, in the nicest house that has the flashiest most expensive car on the drive, usually academic intelligence is your best bet. If you want to have loads of friends whom you share life-changing experiences with and you’re remembered with huge regard – emotional intelligence is the strongest to go for.

If you can manage to be strong at both – good for you, just don’t show off about it – people with huge egos are never thought well of.

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