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Blog no: 56 Who created Santa? How does Santa remain in our lives now it's 2022?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

His story began in the 4th century AD in what is now modern day Turkey. A man named Nicholas became the bishop of a village called Myra. He was later canonised, and soon became one of the most popular saints in Christianity.

The current depiction of Santa Claus is based on images drawn by cartoonist Thomas Nast for Harper's Weekly beginning in 1863. Nast's Santa owed much to the description given in the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” - also known as “'Twas the Night Before Christmas”, first published in 1823.

Today, he is thought of mainly as the jolly man in red who brings toys to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve, but his story stretches all the way back to the 3rd century, when Saint Nicholas walked the earth and became the patron saint of children.

Santa known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa, is a legendary[1] character originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring children gifts during the late evening and overnight hours on Christmas Eve of toys and candy or nothing, depending on whether they are "naughty or nice".[2][3] In the legend, he accomplishes this with the aid of Christmas Elves, who make the toys in his workshop, often said to be at the North Pole, and flying reindeer who pull his sleigh through the air.

I don’t know about you, but I knew about Father Christmas from the youngest age possible, because I was born in November, 1981, now I might not have understood what was going on when I was a month old, but I do remember loving December from a very young age, because of the thought of Santa coming to my house If I’d been a good girl – which of course I always have been – as I’m sure you’d say and know you were and you still are.

I also loved going to see Santa in his grotto at my local shopping centre – wow! They know how to get us in shopping well for them that this of year anyway – haha!

Every year until I was about 16 I’d write a letter to Santa where I’m ask him how him and his Elves were. I’d list all the things I wanted for Christmas, plus for him to go to children in extra poor countries and rid people of illnesses. My mum was clever, she told to leave my letter to Santa in the loft so it could be collected by Elves on reindeer (of course). Mum would get it from there and she’d be gutted when she saw many things on my list, but to keep the secret of Santa existing true in my youthful mind, she’d get all of them and I’d wake up to a full stocking.

Ah, if only that myth was still true in my 41 year old mind. I don’t know about you, but I am good all of the time to myself and others, so I get presents from my mum and my friends, plus when I’ve made a family of my own, I’ll take my children to visit Santa at shopping centres and hopefully church. I look forward to keeping the spirit of Santa alive even at my age; it’s still fun and exciting to feel a happier vibe in people in general at this time of year. Plus these days there are more charities being with people who are alone in their life – to help them to have someone to celebrate with.

Now you know a bit more about Santa’s start in life and him being in my life in my happy youth, I hope this has inspired you to really enjoy the thought of Santa coming to bring you what you want and what you deserve. Enjoy your Christmas. x

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