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Blog no: 54 Is one too old to do things they love, or is one never too old to?

People often say "age is just a number" and now I'm the grande old age of 41, I agree with this.

I think it very much depends on how well you look after your physical health, but also whether you've always been pretty young at heart - this counts as well.

This is the opposite of being immature, because it means you can still have fun while you're being responsible because you're being wise for your age.

If you are fun and wise - like I am, you'll show this by still taking part in fun things to you no matter how old you are. Such as sporting activities you enjoy playing / doing, or whether you're still the life and soul of the parties you don with your internally beautiful presence to.

Good old Cliff Richard might be 82 years old now (2022), but he's still releasing brilliant music. He's still brilliant at singing and performing, just because he is what many would call the age to be retired he should in many heads stop, but because he still looks and feels so great, he's letting himself still enjoy his life - by doing what he enjoys doing and you can feel and see this because he shines brilliance when you see or hear him.

Legend Elton John still releases music and why wouldn't he just because he's of the older generation these days - it's 2022 now and he's 75, but why should one's age stop one's brilliance? His latest single: Cold heart that he does with the young beautiful Dua Lipa is really good - check it out if you've never heard it - if you love it, I'm sure you'll agree that just because he's old these days, this shouldn't stop his brilliant musical talent being part of his and our lives.

I don't know about you, but I plan to never retire, from my writing and DJing careers.

As long as I can still make me feel proud of myself, why should I stop? Just because of the amount of years I've been alive, or because of the amount of wrinkles I might get.

I promise myself and I hope you'll promise yourself too, that I'll keep on doing what I love and feel I'm good at doing, until I'm not mentally able to.

Hopefully that isn't for years to come, I am only 41, so I should have quite a few more years left to be alive and I'll be very grateful for that fact. See I'll always be young at heart - I promise you it's the best happiest way to live, so you can be happy at all times in your present moments - you should try to be present in every moment you have.

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