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Blog no: 53 Are you struggling to think what to treat folks you love with this Christmas?Ideas here

If you feel like treating yourself with something for this 2022 Christmas, possibly because you're not sure anyone will treat you to something you really want, or you want to treat a person you love and care about, here are some not expensive ideas for you, that should self-help you and help you to smile.

Online books you can buy here from the site are:

Life's lessons - just quite a few lessons I've learned during my very interestingly challenging but fun life, I'm now 41, so I am very wise, but young at heart, so who knows you might learn something useful. x

A real life romantic comedy - this one should help you to laugh at love life type situations that you can possibly remember happening to you, or your friends. If not it should give you some funny stuff to share with your friends if you go for a trip to the pub for a laugh.

How to become a woman - this one works if you're going from being a young girl who grows into becoming a woman - oh the trials and errors most of us have made and the oh so funny part of one's life's journey. This book is for females no matter what their age, or for a man to understand a lot about why women are the ways they are. Also it's for men who've had or want to have a sex change.

Life's journey - reading this book it doesn't matter which sex you are, or what age you are, most of us have had similar life experiences or we know about other's but we want to understand them better or at all. Here you'll read about some you've missed out on in part of your life's journey and if you have, how to find them to become part of your life's journey, this should help you to internally grow as a person.

Your travelling adventures - where, when and why? - this might remind about when you travelled part of the world, if you haven't it will probably inspire you to.

If you return to the Homepage of this 'Lauramaccommunity site', you'll see an option if you go to the lines above the photo of my head called 'Online book shop'.

If you treat yourself to a book or two you'll be delighted you did and if you treat someone else in your life, they'll thank you big time for what a thoughtful friend you are to have in their life.

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