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Blog no: 51 Is your close friend of your acting a bit strange and a bit differently with you?

Is your close friend of your acting a bit strange and a bit differently with you? Here’s possibly why.

Your other half might have cheated on you with them. Because they’ve done a really bad thing that’s bad to you, they are struggling to tell you. They’re probably upset for you and embarrassed about the hurt they may have caused you and they’re also probably embarrassed about it for you. If they find the courage to tell you, try to feel glad that your friend has been the one to show you the awful side of your partner whom you probably love, but hopefully you’re not married to them or you were thinking about marrying them.

If you’re going through a difficult thing to deal with in your mind, your friend is probably showing you signs that they’ve noticed you keep asking the same thing(s) over and over again and they’re starting to realize you need better friendship than they’ve ever given you before.

You may also be forgetting the same thing(s) repeatedly and you’re becoming forgetful. This might because of stress that you’re struggling with, or it might be your age, if you’re older while you’re reading this.

Don’t worry about it if this sounds like you, yes with age comes a few social and career slip ups, but also wisdom comes as you get older, because you’re hopefully good at learning from your mistakes. If you’re not, ask your friend for their honest opinion about a mistake you might have made and their advice on how you could fix it.

If you need to turn to your friends, you’ll discover whom your true friends are when you’re not feeling your best or you’re not living at your laugh a minute best. True friends stand by your side, through think and thin.

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