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Blog no: 47 Did you or do you love your youth? How most people spent their youth....................

This is a tough one, because everyone considers one's youth being over depending on the year you were born, whether you're married with children and if you are ageing well with the way you act and look.

My mum loved her youth which was during the 1950s and 1960s. Now she's 80 years of age, she and I consider her youth is definitely done and dusted, but what keeps her young is her very wise and fun outlook on life - she's fun to have a laugh with too which is considered a youthful talent.

I'm 41 these days and I so I'm in my middle aged years now. I'm cool with this because I love the decade I was born being the 1980s which I feel was a fun decade, well of course it was fun for me. School wasn't too serious and TV was light hearted and youthful. Then the 90s were loads of fun, because clubbing music came into my life. I started going clubbing at the age of 14. So, I've always been young and fun at heart - I will be to the end of my days.

Think about the decade you were born in and if you think the way the world was while in what society calls your youth really delivered in what you want from your life. If it didn't studying different generations youthful decades should be done and then throw or go to these decades themed parties.

I don't know loads about 20th decades, do you?

I only know about things that involve my favourite thing - music and fashion/style.

I like the look and music / dancing that the 1920s - 30s had. I'd love to do the charleston on a night out, wouldn't you? Plus classy fashion to charleston in.

In the 1940s the samba, swing and foxtrot came out - now how cool are they?! They've made come backs later in the century, in pop music performances and in clubbing music - wouldn't you love to experience the fun that must have been had on nights out dancing those what were new dances and styles of music at the time. All whilst the second world war was happening, it must of been wonderful to let go, dance and forget it was going on.

The 1950s was all about rock 'n' roll, so jiving was the main form of dance.

My mum won the national jiving championship, she taught me to jive, so I taught my best friend and we'd do it in the night clubs as free entertainment for the fellow clubbers. If you give it a go with your friends and / or your partner, you'll probably have loads of fun and smile, especially if you dress in 50s fashion. I wish I'd been alive back them, so I could experience it for real - still there are always nights and days that celebrate those eras.

The 1960s and 70s you went either the way of following The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, or you got your disco vibes on and partied under new at the time disco balls!

Ah it seems so much fun to have been alive back in those times, but unless you were born in 1900 and you had seriously good genes running through your body , so you lived until you were a 100 years old, you could experience all of the decades- nope this wouldn't be happening in many people's lives.

It's 2022 now and because of the wonderful music tool Alexa (yep I own one), it gives me access to be able to hear most music starts from the past and present. Cool pop and rock stars still sound so good, because their music / songs are classics - that's how they got so well known and are remixed for us to enjoy in our 21st century lifetime.

If they've still got it in em' they're still bringing out good music, such as Cliff Richard has some new music out for us to enjoy at the moment. What a LEGEND! I hope you agree. x

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